miércoles, 25 de junio de 2008

Values and Beliefs (Argumentative Essay)

One way to explain people behaviour is by means of their values and beliefs, values are universal and are the same around the world, in contrast beliefs are defined according to religious views or customs of a country, according to this values and beliefs are completely different.

“Values are implicitly related to choice; they guide decisions by allowing an individual's choices to be compared to each choice's associated values.” Also values are transmitted generation by generation by family members. Through the times values have had an evolution and have change some aspects, but its essences are the same. For example honesty is the international rule which explains people behavior about different situations when they have to say the truth and also take only what belongs to them.

On the other hand there are two principal types of beliefs, there are religious and customs, people could choose one and live according to it, each religion have different rules for their followers and they live based on those rules. The other type of beliefs is related with the ideas of a country or a community, and people must take it to get accepted in their specific society.

In some cases people think that values and beliefs can be considered the same thing because people behavior is the same even if they have different beliefs. For example, at college students must have the same behavior but they don’t have the same beliefs.

In conclusion values and beliefs determine the behavior of people but they can not be considered the same thing. Each one has different patterns and rules.

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